Brass Monkeys

Saturday 21st August 2021 – Lichfield Guildhall 5.00pm

What’s in a name? This is an eclectic, brassy band whose influences include jazz, blues, reggae, soul and much more. They are Chris Dowding, Charlotte Keeffe (trumpets/flugel), Jim Rattigan (French horn, Paul Jolly (saxes/clarinet), Ben Higham (tuba,trumpet), leader Annie Whitehead, Dave Amis (trombones) all hopefully controlled by Olly Blackman (drums).

This powerhouse of brass reflects a mixture of youth, talent and experience. Enjoy the explosive sound and performances by duo, trio and ensemble with a very diverse repertoire.

A brass band unlike any you have heard before The Brass Monkeys are an eclectic improvising wild bunch influenced by jazz, blues, reggae, country, free improvisation, soul, folk …… Performing an exciting mix of original material and unusual classics The Brass Monkeys offer a reverent but iconoclastic take on the history of musical improvisation. We have put together a great line-up that embraces an exciting mix of youth and experience.

The repertoire is half original and a range of material from all kinds of sources including tunes by Herbie Nicols, Bill Frisell, Lillian Hardin-Armstrong, Archie Shepp, Jonas Gwangwa, Lester Bowie, Taj Mahal, Thelonious Monk, Dudu Pukwana……… The key element in all their music is the opportunity for interplay between the musicians which is at the organic heart of this band. This is achieved in part by a combination of improvising contexts; solos, duos, trios and full ensemble interactions stimulate the essential spontaneity.

Brass Monkeys are:

Chris Dowding (Natural Causes, Rude 2.0)
Charlotte Keeffe (Space Painters, The Anthropology Band)
French horn
Jim Rattigan (Pavilion, Haden/Bley Liberation Music Orchestra)
Annie Whitehead (Rude 2.0, Penguin Café Orchestra)
Kieran McLeod (New World, Julian Argüelles Septet)
Paul Jolly (The People Band, Loverly)
Ben Higham (Monk Inc., Arthur, Loverly)
Olly Blackman (Hackney Colliery Band, Quadracerotops)